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About me

Hello there! I'm Jianfei Wang, on the Internet I'm a domain name palyer, a lot of rare one-character domain names and hack domain names have been collected.

Based on this, I set up a domain name registrar: InterCat Ltd. Provide domain name registration/backorder and website hosting/design services.*So Professional

In reality, I work for wind turbine blades in Mainland China and has been more than 3 years, so if you are interested in it, I will tell you some interesting knowledge.

This website shows some of my projects and if you have any thoughts and suggestions on them, please contact me by email.


Here shows some of my projects
As in any story, it's hard to determine where I start
The good news is that I have achieved
many proud achievements
It can be said that maintaining enthusiasm
is the biggest motivation for me to persevere
It's an honor that I have been maintaining it
And it will not be dimmed
Create for the Future

My Personal

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  • The fanatical pursuit of Rock Music
  • Collect Record: CD, Vinyl, Magnetic Tape
  • 80s~90s Hong Kong Cult films
  • Various interesting web projects
  • Travel to different places
  • Obsessed with huge industrial machines
  • Interested in the different languages
  • Read modern Chinese historical materials


Live Music



  • Wind Power Blade Produce Manager
    YF New Energy (CN) • 2023 - Now
  • Domain Registrar, Network Service
    InterCat Ltd (CN&UK) • 2021 - Now
  • Wind Power Blade Data Analyst
    Dongfang Electric Co, Ltd (CN) • 2019 - 2023
  • Professional Business Consultant
    Chaos Shrimp (CN) • 2019 - 2021